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Friday Five, XXX Style [entries|friends|calendar]
The Adult Friday Five

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10.11.06 - 1:25am]

well, that was a disaster. my apologies.

if you are curious as to why I haven't been available to be a good moderator, you can check out my personal journal. this page is for the dirt.

I can't speak for mcbarnes1970 but he's no longer a mod. AND FINALLY I'm totally using wyldthyng's questions from way back in August because they're damn good ones!

1. What's the most unusual fetish you've ever heard of?

2. What's YOUR secret weird turnon?

3. What fantasy is on the TOP of your Things To Do - AND SOON list?

4. What fantasy continues to drive you wild despite (and probably because of) the fact that you'll likely never accomplish it?

5. If you had the possibility of one hookup with NO limitations (ie dead vs alive, civilian vs celebrity, taken vs single, etc.) and NO guilt, who would it be?

There is a first time for everything... [
08.09.06 - 8:22am]

This is my first official posting as a moderator in xxfridayfive, so I will start out with the basics...

1. Who is someone famous you would like to have sex with? 

2. What is the most outrageous sexual experience you ever had?

3. Where is the most interesting place you have had sex?

4. Tell us about the most horrible sexual exerience you had and Why is was so bad.

5. When is your favorite time of day to have sex, and share the reasons behind your preferences

As always, suggestions for future questions are always welcome, so feel free to email me.

Say Hello to your new Mod! [
03.09.06 - 2:08pm]

Give a warm welcome to mcbarnes1970, the new creative force behind your Friday Five, XXX Style!


Passing the Torch [
26.08.06 - 8:10pm]

Due to recent lack of interest, malcontent, and a complete lack of time and unmonitored internet access on my part, I believe it is now time to pass the torch. I am no longer in a good position to be the main moderator of this group. chaosphaere will still be a co-mod, but she is very busy with school and work. Depending on the situation, I may also stay on as a co-mod, but I think it would be best for someone else with new creative energy to take over as the main moderator.

If you are interested, please contact me at nirbhao@livejournal.com.

Thank you,

my own at work debauchery [
25.08.06 - 3:51pm]



you can't handle the booth! [
18.08.06 - 12:15pm]

1. what's a good reason to lie?

2. what's the most convincing lie you've ever told?

3. are lies of omission acceptable?

4. has dishonesty ever made your life better?

5. finish the sentence: if they only knew....

do'h! it's friday already! [
11.08.06 - 6:03pm]

alright, last night was my grandma's 85th birthday and I was out of town celebrating. I came home and crashed out and just finished seven hours of neuropsych testing for cognitive rehab. I'm a terrible mod. so hate me.

I've offered sticks, I've offered carrots, and nothing seems to work!

so, goddammit!

write five questions you would like to see. I might use them (you'll get the benefits outlined in the community info page) and I might just get ideas.

go, flying monkeys! go!

what not to wear [
04.08.06 - 8:21pm]

1. what is your least comfortable underwear experience?

2. have you ever been sent home from work because of your clothing?

3. do you buy new underwear when you start dating someone new?

4. have you ever made a mess of outerwear despite your underwear?

5. have you ever made a mess of your sheets despite your underwear?

Operating Under the Influence [
28.07.06 - 12:13am]

while under the influence of any non-somatic (e.g.: drugs, alcohol, etc) chemical:

1. have you ever made a decision you wouldn't have otherwise?

2. have you ever caused damage to person(s), private, or public property?

3. have you been been arrested or incarcerated?

4. have you ever wreaked havok or destruction on a relationship?

5. have you ever woken up very curious about what happened while you were under the influence?

kindergarden dreams [
21.07.06 - 1:35am]

with guest host, Dr. Sprite

1. have you ever choked someone?

2. have you ever choked yourself?

3. have you ever tried to choke your mother?

4. has your mother ever slapped you?

5. have you cried in your father's lap?

single-minded (ha ha! double entendre!) [
14.07.06 - 9:13pm]

my life is currently interfering with my responsibilities on teh interweb. I apologize for the delay of this week's friday five.

love, shine

1. when has a person successfully had "sex" for the first time?

2. what's the most amusing first time story you know to be true?

3. how long can you go without?

4. when, exactly, is a person cheating?

5. can an open relationship ever work?

same old song and dance [
07.07.06 - 2:32am]

1. describe how you're feeling using lyrics from an 80''s band

2. what album or song in your collection do you hate to admit you love?

3. what album or song makes you feel like doing naughty things?

4. what album or song do you listen to while doing naughty things?

5. if you were in a band, what would it be called?

playing pretend [
30.06.06 - 3:08am]

1. if you were a fortune in a cookie, what would you say?

2. a magical carp gives you three wishes. you can't get silly things like more wishes-- what do you wish for?

3. if you didn't have to worry about money, what would you spend your money on?

4. how often do you dress to pass as the gender that does not match your genitalia?

5. have you ever eaten a deep fried twinkie? be honest. playtime is over.

23.06.06 - 1:52am]

[ mood | horny ]

1. are you horny?

2. just how far have you lowered your standards in a time of desperation?

3. have you ever realized that you were someone else's lagoon creature?

4. did you go back for more?

5. would you do it again?


you've got to kiss a lot of frogs [
16.06.06 - 3:16am]

okay, these questions have a bit of a trick to them. you can either tattle or confess-- and you don't have to tell which!

basically, we've all been in bad relationships. and even though we all nod knowingly as if we're referring to the other person, we all know we've been the bad end of the deal at least once in our life. so here's your chance to get away with your brutal tell-all, and no one will whether you put up with shit or you put up shit. so let loose!

1. What was the come-on that never should have been accepted?

2. What was the stupidest cause of a fight?

3. What was the best ultimatum?

4. What was the most psychotic action taken post-breakup?

5. What story told to friends and family post-breakup was most incredulous?

drunken post-- with a guest host! [
09.06.06 - 3:33am]

[ mood | drunk ]

with guest host, Uncle J

1. would you have sex in a public restroom stall?

2. when giving oral sex, are you careful not to use your teeth your teeth?

3. would you wear a dirty pair of underpants that you found on the sidewalk? or someone else's soiled underpants in general?

4. if you were to have sex with animals, would you prefer livestock or indoor pets?

5. would you eat food that was disposed of in a trash can behind a restaurant?


only a little late this time [
02.06.06 - 11:58am]

[ mood | groggy ]

I just got back from driving across the cuntry. you all make me work, so I'll return the favor!

1. What are the five dirtiest things you've ever done?

2. What are the five grossest things you've ever eaten?

3. What are the five most regrettable situations you've ever been in?

4. What are the five nastiest files or websites you have or visit?

5. What are the five parts of the body you like best?


Belated Fives... [
27.05.06 - 10:47am]

OH MY GOD! I just realized I promised nirbhao I'd take over the Friday Five this week, and I completely forgot about it.

Well, here they are... late...

1. Did your parents ever catch you masturbating?

2. When did you figure out how to masturbate?

3. What's the most novel method you've tried?

4. Have you ever tried to show anyone else how?

5. Have you ever done it with a (totally platonic) friend?

Cyber! [
19.05.06 - 4:48am]

1. Have you ever had an orgasm because of cyber sex?

2. Have you ever faked an orgasm during cyber sex?

3. Have you ever multitasked cyber sex?

4. Do you ever reread you cybersex chats to mastrubate?

5. Are you sexier in cyberland than real life?

ex files (randomness) [
12.05.06 - 2:21am]

[ mood | crappy ]

1. Have you ever had sex with an inanimate object?

2. Have you ever utilized a household pet for your own sexual purposes?

3. Have you ever lied about the first time you had sex to prevent embarrassment?

4. Have you ever been with a man whose penis can easily be compared to a finger?

5. Have you ever woken up from an altered state of consciousness (e.g.: a night of drinking) to discover a new body modification?

Sonnets/Unrealities XI by Björk


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