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you've got to kiss a lot of frogs

okay, these questions have a bit of a trick to them. you can either tattle or confess-- and you don't have to tell which!

basically, we've all been in bad relationships. and even though we all nod knowingly as if we're referring to the other person, we all know we've been the bad end of the deal at least once in our life. so here's your chance to get away with your brutal tell-all, and no one will whether you put up with shit or you put up shit. so let loose!

1. What was the come-on that never should have been accepted?

2. What was the stupidest cause of a fight?

3. What was the best ultimatum?

4. What was the most psychotic action taken post-breakup?

5. What story told to friends and family post-breakup was most incredulous?
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